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Computers don't always do the things they're supposed to. Sometimes their software is too old. Sometimes parts of the PC go bad. And sometimes it seems they just crash for no good reason! Trying to figure out what's wrong can be tricky.

Don't worry, though - we've gathered a list of some of the best computer sites we could find. They can help you upgrade your computer, make sure you're running the latest software, troubleshoot and fix problems, and help get your PC up and running smoothly.

If you're a Windows user, one of the first sites you should visit (and revisit often) is the Microsoft Windows Update page. From time to time, Microsoft releases software updates and security patches for various versions of Windows. The Windows Update page will check to see which updates you need and automatically install them for you. It's a good idea to use that site to make sure your copy of Windows is up-to-date.

Macintosh users can also keep their system software current by using their built-in "Mac OS Software Update" tool, or visiting the Apple Featured Software page.

We would also suggest you visit our Avoiding Common Computer and Internet Pitfalls page and our E-mail and Computer Security site for more information on how to keep your PC up-to-date and how to deal with viruses, spam, spyware, hackers, etc.

We hope you'll find these links useful as you maintain your computer.

Help with your MebTel account

Need help setting up your e-mail? Got questions about newsgroups? Want to setup a website? Check out the MebTel technical support site.

Software Updates

Troubleshooting sites

These sites have all kinds of information to help you solve your computer problems.

System Information

These utilities give will give you a wide range of information about your computer (such as how fast your PC is, how much memory and hard drive space you have, what brand of video card you have, etc.)

Computer Utilities

These tools can help you test and perhaps repair problems with your computer hard drives, memory, and other components.

Anti-Virus Tools

To combat the viruses and trojan horses that are sometimes spread through infected software and e-mail, try these programs.

We have more information on dealing with viruses on our Avoiding Computer Pitfalls page.

Spyware Removal Tools

"Spyware" is a term used to describe programs that install themselves (often without your knowledge) and then do any number of unfriendly things, like redirect you to sites you didn't intend to visit, or simply watch and report on your Internet activity. These tools will help you flush the spyware out of your computer.

We have more information on getting rid of spyware on our Avoiding Computer Pitfalls page.


Sometimes private information on your computer can accidentally be exposed on the Internet. Firewall software helps lock down your computer's Internet connection and keep people from getting into your PC.

We have more information on firewalls on our Avoiding Computer Pitfalls page.

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