David's Demo Site

Welcome!  I've listed some of the projects below that I've done over the last few years. Each one links to a fully-functioning demo version of the site. Except where noted, all applications, graphics, design and layout are mine.

Grace Reformed Baptist Church

I designed the website for Grace Reformed Baptist Church to meet two main goals: introduce visitors to the church, and provide news and updated content for existing members. Several parts of the site play an important role in accomplishing these objectives:

  • The layout of the site is designed with usability in mind. Large highlighted tabs and breadcrumbs at the top of the page clearly show the visitor where they are on the site. The most important links for new visitors (the church's location, directions, service times, and contact information) and returning members (sermons, blog entries, news items) are prominently listed on the home page.
  • A database-driven, custom-built search engine allows visitors to browse through over 10 years of online audio sermons.
  • The latest sermons, news items and blog entries and church bulletins are automatically placed on the home page whenever new files are added to the site.
  • A custom-built RSS feed generator syndicates the church's most recent sermons.
  • Wordpress was installed and customized to allow the pastors to blog.
  • A password-protected portion of the site provides a number of resources for church members, including an online directory integrated with Google Maps. Members can update their own directory entires.
  • On the back end, a Helix Server and Adobe Flash Live Media Encoder broadcast live audio and video streams of Sunday services. Traffic shaping rules allocate bandwidth with highest priority for visitors streaming the services.

Network Operations Dashboard

The Network Operations group at CenturyLink needed both a new internal website and an "executive dashboard", an array of high-level information on the home page that would contain high-level details about the network. I built both the website and the tools to generate the executive dashboard.

  • The "Current Outages" section on the left navbar gives an overview of what problems are still unresolved, how long they have been active, and what activity is being done to resolve them.
  • The "Alarm Events" section shows graphs for all events, acknowledged events and dispatches over the last 7 days and 30 days. Data is downloaded from an Oracle database every 15 minutes to repopulate the graphs.
  • The "Top 5" graphs give details about the top root causes of outages in the last 7 days and 30 days, and the vendors associated with those root causes. Drilling down allows the viewer to see specific details of the outages.

Ethernet Topology

Prior to my development of this application, CenturyLink's Network Operations Support group had no centralized repository of Ethernet topology documents. This application allowed them to easily organize, access and update their documents.

  • An intuitive USA map interface allows easy drilling down to find documents for a given state and city.
  • ACLs allow granular control over who can modify or add topology documents, who can administer the database, etc.
  • Logging and rollback tools allow administrators to monitor changes to the database and revert changes if necessary.
  • Integration with an existing VLAN database allows easy cross-referencing of topology documents and VLAN data for a given state.

Media Server

I built a media server for Coastal Communications, who wanted to develop a community-based video sharing site. Unlike other media hosting sites, Coastal designed the site to be of interest specfically to the Hinesville, Georgia area, especially for military families stationed at Fort Stewart. Local community programming and military news videos were prominently featured. A login and moderation system allowed users to upload and tag their videos and have them approved and posted by a site administrator.

Custom Web Portals

I developed web portals for each of Madison River's ISPs. The portals were designed to be "sticky", with a broad range of content that would attract visitors, encourage current customers to visit regularly, and provide marketing opportunities.

  • I contracted with a news syndication provider to provide news feeds in 21 categories updated every 15 minutes.
  • Emphasis was made on making a clean, simple site that made navigation easy.
  • Custom applications provided stock quote search tools, local weather details (temperature, forecasts and radar), and access to multiple search tools with a single query.
  • To help educate Madison River's customers about online safety, I wrote a tutorial on avoiding computer and internet pitfalls such as viruses, spam, scams, and how to keep their PCs up-to-date with security software and patches.